The 21st Century Classroom

In the global networked environment of 21st Century, students need to learn academic content through real-world examples, applications and experiences, both inside and outside of school. They understand and retain more when their learning is relevant, engaging and meaningful to their lives.

Consequently, educators should incorporate the lastest research in cognition, technology and so many others areas to make the classroom a vibrant center of learning where all students have a change to access tools that help them learn. Students use technology all the time in their lives, therefore, it is important to improve schools where learners are illuminated, enthusiastic and empowered.


        Just a few data…

  • 91% of teachers have computers in the classroom, yet only 20% think they have the right level of technology in the classroom,
  • More than half of all (U.S) colleges surveyed say their biggest priority is upgrading their Wi-Fi infrastructure,
  • College campuses saw a 60% increase in mobile devices in the previous year,
  • Gamification of the classroom – 43% of teachers surveyed have used online games in the classroom, and
  • 29% of teachers use online social networks, while 80% of college professors do so.