Gamification: Fun At Work


Engagement with students has become one of the most challenging and controversial issues in education. With the advent of mobile devices students have even one more distraction to keep them from an education they might not understand they need.

Nowadays, many schools are moving towards educational applications to fully engage students through technology, such as Gamification.

The use of games in the classroom allow students to fail, overcome and persevere. In this way cognitive needs are met through problem-solving. Gamification  can accentuate the user experience  by introducing a level of interactivity and practice. No doubt, this is a great idea to introduce elements of fun into a lesson plan that will make learning easier for students.

According to Reuters, the video game industry, as a whole, raked in over $78 billion dollars in 2012. This analysis forecasts that 50% of companies involved in innovation and new product development will “gamify” those processes by 2015.


Gamification describes the broad trend of employing game mechanics to non-game environments such as training, social change, to achieve levels of engagement, change behaviours and stimulate innovations.




One thought on “Gamification: Fun At Work

  1. This is an excellent posting and is completely accurate relevant to the assessment of skills. This is called ‘authentic assessment’ and, unfortunately, in the United States such assessment techniques are rare or even non-existent. Instead, we rely on standardized tests which do nothing more than measure a student’s ability to take a standardized test – NOT what he/she really KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS. I would like to share some of your posts on my blog if that meets with your approval. Likewise, you are free to reblog some of my posts to yours – obviously those that are relevant to what you are doing. My blog is about “Critical Skills” and the need for such skills in the 21st century. The address is as follows:

    Again, well done on posting articles that are important to education in the 21st century. I wish you the very best of luck.

    Charlie Jett
    Chicago USA

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