7 Habits of Highly Effective Ed-Tech Leaders

It is easy to think that hesitant educates do not adopt new technology because they are lazy or stubborn or uncreative. The reality is that the teachers who are hesitant to adopt new technology are great educators, they are frequently veterans and usually leaders in their academic field and within their institutions, but they have understand that Education technology is an inevitable progression and they have to realize that technology used well in schools can offer a tangible link to the outside world beacuse It could act as a link to other schools, learners and countries that will enhance.

But how to get hesitant teachers to use technology? The absolute best way to get educators to feel comfortable seeking help with technology is to make the point person someone who does not assess their teaching. As they become comfortable with new tech, they will very likely be open to conversations about other digital tools they are using in their own work. If a teacher feels that they are being assessed they simply will avoid seeking advice. We share this infographic below from ed-tech blog Always Prepped where is explained “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology .



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